A dress for every occasion – minimalist looks with white dresses

A dress for every occasion – minimalist looks with white dresses

Less is more, especially if you try to impress your entourage with a prepped, simple look. Worn without accessories or with statement pieces of jewelry, they can find a place in your wardrobe and you can wear them on the daily basis. Remember, a dress will make you have a feminine look regardless of the circumstances. Feminine women are quite rare nowadays and wearing one is a god way to stand out in your group of friends. Here are some ideas you could use on how to wear a white dress for numerous occasions.

1. Wear a white dress to an office party

Forget about the little black dress all your colleagues are probably also going to wear at that party. Stand out by wearing a high-low white dress. A pair of black high – heel sandals is perfect for this occasion and a low ponytail will make you look classy, in spite of the fact that this hairstyle might seem banal to you. A red lipstick and some winged eyeliner would be perfect. A navy clutch will provide you with the necessary space to store your emergency makeup, your smartphone and your house keys. Enjoy a unique look at an important event such as a party with your colleagues and managers.

2. If you are still a student, try to wear a white dress on your first day at the college this year

Most certainly, you are going to miss summer at the beginning of the school year. Wear your favorite white dress with a pair of black sneakers. For the chillier days, wear a bomber jacket on top. Your favorite backpack will assure you the necessary space for your notebooks and other supplies every girl needs. In terms of hairstyle, you either can wear your hair in a high ponytail or untied. Makeup wise, keep it clean and simple. Wear a peachy lipstick to remember the past summer days and have a fresh start at your University.

3. A white dress with Peter Pan collar is perfect for a walk in the park

When in doubt, wear a white dress. Yes, you can wear them no matter the context. A walk in the park with your partner or your date can be classy, too. Try to find a white dress with Peter Pan collar. This is a cute and effective look. Some big sunglasses and a feminine hat will perfectly complement the look. A pair of ballet pumps are confortable and classy at the same time. If the weather in not on your side or you enjoy walking in the park in the autumn, wear a straight cut coat on top. Complete your look with some curls and there you have it. The perfect outfit for a walk in the park.

You can style in many ways a white dress. A minimalist look is something everybody loves and there is no reason for you not to buy one. You can find them in various shapes and they complement every body type.