Choose a vintage theme for Christmas decorations

Choose a vintage theme for Christmas decorations

Vintage style is a must this year, not only in house decorating and clothes but in every other decorations. If there are people who use it for Halloween, why should not use it for Christmas. House decorating for Christmas became almost a celebration itself, many modern families choose to spend time together while buying Christmas Trees and decorating, than staying together in the Christmas day. Every year your neighbours almost have an open fight about whose house is most beautiful and authentic decorated, so this year feel free to surprise them by decorating both the inside and outside of your house in a vintage style.

Vintage decorations for your house

All inside decorations should start form your Christmas tree, which has to be tall and with enormous branches. Decorate it with coloured and sparkly balls, made from glass. You can purchase them either from a flea market or from a garage sale. Place your tree in a wood support for a more rustic look. You can also decorate it with miniature works of art that feature flowers, birds, wintry landscapes and have colourful fringes and gilded foil details. These items can also be hanged on the walls with swags of fresh evergreen next to the Christmas Lights. Make a visit to your grandma and borrow from her the little birds you used to play with when you were a little child. They will complement the look of your room with their delicate figure. Place them wither by your fireplace or clip them onto a glittered tree branch used as house decoration. Bring a little joy in your bedroom with little vintage handcrafted figurines. You can choose the ones that have pinecone bodies and pipe-cleaner arms. They will light your winter days with their kooky clay faces and will bring a little elfin magic in your house. Place them on books to have a more vintage look, and add besides them some little reindeers dashing from the snow. Decorate your children’s room with a little Christmas village. With the use of Lilliputian houses, create a North Pole neighbourhood.

Vintage decorations for your yard

Decorate your yard with old watches, and place little bird cages in trees. Put red candles inside the cages for a seasonal look, and spread some of them around the yard. You can use some old red shoes and wood toy horses instead of presents under trees. Make a vintage wreath with natural decorations, as cone pines, and hang it on your front door. Use outdoor Christmas lights to be sure that Santa will see your house through the snow. Choose quality lights, because only these ones will last a long time. You can mix different types of lights when decorating the front of your house, such as curtain light, or icicle lights, which can be used in various guises and lengths. You can buy either white or multi-coloured ones. Place urns that contain small spruce trees on both ways of the porch to create a welcoming space with a seasonal touch for your guests. Use these decorations tips to create a beautiful vintage look for your house and yard.