Different uses of a mezzanine floor

Different uses of a mezzanine floor

As far as designed storage solutions go, mezzanines are top of the list when it comes to versatility. Not only can they be used in different environments, but they can also be used to multiple purposes. Indeed, a mezzanine floor can come very in handy when restricted space becomes an issue and here are the many different uses of these great storage solutions.

Warehouse storage

One of the most common uses of a mezzanine floor is storage space and the two main environments that are constantly in need of increased storage space are warehouses and distribution centres. Within this field, speed is everything today, so warehouse operations need to be supported by a storage solution that can provide both flexibility and speed, so that products can be loaded and picked more quickly and order fulfilment can be faster. To that extent, making use of the headspace above your regular storage systems is a great idea and mezzanines will provide you with that solution.


Heavy machinery


In the world of material handling, conveyor belts and automation systems are crucial, but they can also take up a lot of your space. Having a mezzanine floor installed to send all your heavy machinery at the upper level will certainly free up plenty of space. It’s important to note though that conveyor belts and automation systems are particularly heavy, so these mezzanines should be constructed from strong, structural steel, making a different type of project than a mezzanine used for office space.


Warehouse or factory offices


Within a warehouse or a factory, office space is not typically a priority, but like it or not there are tasks and workloads that need to be done within an office environment, not to mention the fact that meetings also need to be conducted in a warehouse or a factory. If you don’t want your workers or warehouse managers to waste time traveling back and forth to the office building, then a mezzanine is the answer to all your problems. It can be built above the storage area or above the work lanes and can provide sufficient space for a couple of offices or a meeting room.


Retail stores

Many big stores use two level shops to display all their merchandise and provide customers with a complete shopping experience, where all their ranges are on display and the upper levels of these stores are actually mezzanines. It is an ideal solution for an expanding retail outlet as well, eliminating the need for relocation and providing a much less expensive alternative. Even if the mezzanine isn’t used for displaying merchandise, it can be used as a stockroom, offering employees a large storage space for stock and an easily accessible one.


All in all, mezzanines are a great solution for many expansion needs, whether in terms of storage, office or functionality of premises. In addition, they are cost-effective alternatives to building new storage areas or to relocating your business altogether, especially considering the ever growing real estate prices.