Drug Abuse – How Do I know if I Am Addicted?

Drug Abuse – How Do I know if I Am Addicted?

Actually admitting that you have a drug addiction or dependency of any type can be extraordinarily difficult. Not only this, but it can be fundamentally impossible if you are not aware of the fact that you do indeed have an addiction.  These days, it can be very difficult to draw the line between Watts considered ‘normal’ recreational drug use and outright addiction. The reason being that what one person may consider to be an incredibly advanced addiction, another may believe to be nothing more than a heavy-use habit that is under their full control.

Which begs the question – where to draw the line?

Well, according to the experts at www./harley-street-addictive-behaviour-centre.co.uk/, it is in fact possible to go about a self-diagnosis process, which will at least tell you whether or not you should think about speaking with the professionals. In fact, it is as easy as asking yourself 12 very specific questions, in order to determine whether or not you may in fact be addicted.

So if the answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of the following questions, it is probably in your best interests to make an appointment with a professional counsellor, sooner rather than later:

  1. First of all, do you find yourself thinking about drugs on a relatively constant basis? Even if you find yourself able to go extensive periods without using recreational drugs, do you still find yourself constantly thinking about them and perhaps wishing you had them available?
  2. Have you, at any time, made the decision to stop using drugs and failed? Likewise, how you make a conscious decision to at least reduce the quantity of drugs you are using, them for any given reason or find yourself unable to do so? Do you know you should quit, but yet cannot make it happen?
  3. Do you consider drugs to be something that you use optionally as a means by which to enhance enjoyment, or do you use them because you do not believe it is possible to have a good time without them? In a similar vein, have you found yourself using drugs simply to fit in with those you hang around with, as opposed to actually wanting to use them?
  4. Have you ever turned to recreational drugs of any kind as a means by which to deal with difficult situations or negative emotions? Having found yourself feeling angry, upset, anxious, stress or generally unhappy, have you turned to drugs as an easy way out?
  5. Do you recall any instance where you have willingly accepted and used a drug, despite the fact that you did not know what it was, what was in it or the kinds of effects it may have on you? Do you or have you ever taken any and all drugs available to you, simply because they were available to you at the time?
  6. In dealing with the after effects of any given drug, do you or have you used either the same drug or a different drug to help cope with the side-effects or withdrawal symptoms?
  7. At any time, have the drugs you use directly led to any kinds of problems with either your education or your professional life? Have you ever used drugs of any kind at school or at work, despite knowing the fact that you could have easily lost your job or been thrown out?
  8. Do you find yourself feeling in any way anxious or nervous during times when you do not have direct access to drugs? Does the very thought of running out of drugs fill you with a sense of apprehension? Does having a regular stockpile of drugs available provide you with genuine comfort?
  9. Have you ever been admitted to hospital or suffered genuine health issues are due to drug use? Have you ever been arrested directly as a result of possession or supply of drugs, or perhaps been trouble with the law due your behaviour while using drugs?
  10. Have you never resorted to borrowing or stealing money to pay for the drugs you purchase? Or, have you ever actually stolen drugs themselves?
  11. Do you believe that drug use has in any way negatively affected the relationships you have with any important people in your life? Have you ever put your relationships on the line for the sake of using drugs?
  12. Last but not least, have you ever overdosed on drugs or found yourself unable to remember what you took, the circumstances in which you took it and generally what you did before you blacked out?

Once again, answering yes to any of these questions could indicate that you have a dangerous drug dependency, which could benefit from professional intervention as soon as possible.