Dust Prevention Tips for the Modern Health Freak

Dust Prevention Tips for the Modern Health Freak

The importance of health is understandable and should concern everybody, especially those who have kids. Dust mites, allergens or any sorts of microbes can live in our homes and we always have to be vigilant. Dust is everywhere all the time and it may seem you can`t get rid of it, no matter how often you clean your house.
This topic refers to a lot of useful methods and tips you can try to make your place a source of energy, health and good mood all the time.

Dusting tricks

If you`re dusting a ceiling fan, pick yourself a bendable duster, they are handy and helpful and you can do your dusting in a quick and easy way and they can be washed safely in the washing machine.
To clean the walls, buy a flat head mop with a microfiber cloth on and go up and down the walls, dusting them in an easy and inexpensive way.
In order to clean fine ornaments or little items that are hard to dust otherwise, pick an old make-up brush, spray it with a little bit of water and start dusting.
For any other surfaces you have, always use a microfiber cloth because it can completely remove dust. They are electrostatic charged and they can hold a bigger weight than their actual weight, meaning that they are very absorbent. They are designed to find and trap dust, unlike other stuff like paper towels or some old clothing that only push the dust around instead of picking it up.

The vacuum cleaner

Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the floors, carpets, couch or bed mattresses. This can really come in handy for removing the dust mites, pet hair or allergens around the house. Use your own vacuum cleaner, or inform yourself and buy one that is more efficient and easy to use.
For example, the water filter vacuum cleaner not only that removes the dust, but also freshens the air in the room, creating a pleasant and relaxing environment.
The handheld vacuum cleaner is a great choice too, it`s smaller than a standard vacuum cleaner, and can be used in small or tight spots you can`t normally reach. It`s lighter and easier to hold and has two or three layers of filtration and a special tool for pet`s hair. It`s also very useful for dusting your car and has easy maintenance and improves maneuverability. You might need a robot vacuum if you want to save some time or you can’t bend over because your back hurts.

Air cleaning

In order to breathe easy and healthy, you need to be sure you keep away the dust and allergens outside the house. You can`t make a fortress from your house wishing to maintain the house cleaned but you can resort to some useful tips. It`s recommended to open the windows and ventilate the rooms. But this is not enough because the air carries dust particles, allergens or bad smells.
Air purifiers might be a great idea to always keep the air inside clean and fresh. A good air purifier can remove all unwanted stuff carried with air. If there are smokers in the house, this gadget is the best solution for a good, healthy environment. This device reduces the chances to develop mold and allergies, kills germs and removes dust particles meanwhile it`s very stylish and easy to use.
Excess of humidity can cause problems with the structural integrity of the house, the condition of the furniture and can create an unpleasant odor. Maintaining the air dry means eliminating all these issues and also creating a healthier breathing environment. Dehumidifiers are a must have, if you`re a modern health freak. They reduce the humidity in the air, so mold pores won’t grow in your house. They remove all the bad smells inside, don`t require much maintenance and don`t take too much space.

Floor mopping

Everybody owns a mop to dust the floors, but it takes time to clean around the whole house. When you`re in a hurry or you`re too exhausted to clean up the entire place, you might be interested in buying something more powerful and capable of doing this for you. If you are trapped between choosing a steam mop or a regular mop, you need to know that things can get even more convenient with the robot mop.
A floor mopping robot has the capacity to do all the dusting job for you. It has disposable microfibers cleaning cloths which you can find in markets. It works fine on tiles, carpets, vinyl or wooden floors and can sneak under the furniture or small places. It has its own navigating system that allows you to see the areas that have been cleaned and soft bumpers in case of hitting objects or obstacles in its way. Its smart sensors allow it to get closer or stay far from the walls, and keep it from falling down the stairs.