Extend Your House by Turning Your Basement into a Usable Room

Extend Your House by Turning Your Basement into a Usable Room

Most definitely, when you think about the basement, you think about that dark, wet, moldy and funny-smelling room of the house with basically no utility. Forget about that image and put your imagination to work to turn the basement of your house into a usable clean and pleasant room. Here are some ideas you can put into practice in transforming the basement.

Fix the problems existing in the basement

The first thing you should have in mind when you think about transforming the basement into a usable room is to fix its damages and improve its quality. First of all, check to see if all the plumbing and wiring that runs through the basement is in good shape and repair any leaking pipe or loose electric cable. The next step is to get rid of the excess moist by using a dehumidifier and the best way to find one is to check out some basement dehumidifier reviews that will help you choose a good model and install it in the basement. A dehumidifier is a large unit that has the power to absorb the excess moist in the air and release dry and clean air back into the room. This way your basement will no longer be moist and the mold and bad odor will vanish. Be careful as there are several types of dehumidifiers on the market and for the basement, you will need a special model. So, when reading the best dehumidifier reviews, make sure to focus on items suitable for the basement. After you have solved the humidity problem it is time to decide what you are going to turn the basement into, depending on what kind of room you need.

The basement can be easily turned into a kitchen

If you have a house not very generous in terms of space and you want to turn your current kitchen into another room, such as a small living room, the basement can be successfully turned into a kitchen. Choose the adequate furniture and enjoy your new useful room.

Turn the basement into a guest room

If you get frequent visits from friends and you want them to stay longer, your basement can be converted successfully into a bedroom ideal for guests or, why not, for a teenager who appreciates privacy.

Transform the basement into an office

The basement can also be transformed into a relaxation room. If you like to spend your free time reading or listening to relaxing music in the background, the basement may be ideal for this if it is designed properly. Also, if you work from home and you want a place for yourself, the basement can be transformed into an office, becoming the place where nothing and nobody will bother you.

Create a gym in your basement

If you are an active person who likes to stay fit, you can create your own gym in the intimacy of your house by equipping the basement with several fitness equipment, such as a treadmill, a bicycle, crunches benches, steppers and aerobic mats. The treadmill is probably the most important device that you home gym should contain, as both walking and jogging are full-body exercises that stimulate not only your muscles but also your immune system, your heart and your lungs. Nevertheless, the treadmill can also be a very expensive equipment. In order to avoid overpaying, visit besttreadmill.reviews and read some reviews that will help you decide what features your treadmill should have.