How to Clear your Driveway of Snow without any Back Pains

How to Clear your Driveway of Snow without any Back Pains

Snowfalls can be quite a headache when it comes to removing all the snow that has gathered on your driveway in order to be able to move your car. At first glance, the snow shovel is the best tool you can think of to clear the snow, but if you consider it better, you will realize that it can cause serious pain, muscle tension, back pain and even injuries. Therefore, decide to replace the snow shovel with a more practical, efficient and easy to use device, such as a powerful snow blower.

You could use a snow shovel….

The first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to cleaning the snow is to use a snow shovel. It is within reach, small-sized and perfectly fits your driveway. However, the snow shovel really puts your muscles at work, makes you bend, stretch, swing and throw the snow stoutly. The physical exertion is very high and the pressure on the entire body can cause you serious pain, especially in the back, not to mention the muscle soreness you will feel. Because you have to bend over repeatedly, twist from the middle and to tighten the back muscles, it is likely that you will suffer muscle tension in the back area, which can immobilize you for several days. Considering all the effort you must make in order to clear the driveway of snow with the snow shovel, you can hardly state that this is a useful and easy method.

…or you could get a snow blower

On the other hand, the snow blower is more efficient, easy to maneuver and requires ten times less physical exertion than the snow shovel. Thanks to this practical device, the back pain in snow removal will become history. The snow blower is either gas or electrically powered, which automatically means less effort in driving it through the drifts of snow. The comfortable handles which can also be heated for extra comfort, make the unit very easy to handle, and very safe as well. With the help of the snow blower, you will manage to clear the same amount of snow from the same area in less time and with less effort, which means the snow blower is more efficient than any other tool. If you read some reviews on, you will notice that most snow blowers have a powerful auger at the front, which crushes the snow and the ice underneath, while the rotating mechanism pushes the snow resulted through a chute, throwing it away from the path at the same time. This means that the painful twisting and swinging you experienced while using the shovel will be gone, and there will be no more back pain and muscle tension for you.