How to Do Laundry when You Have a Large Family

How to Do Laundry when You Have a Large Family

If you have a large family, then you have a lot of laundry to handle as well. It’s very tiring and time-consuming to take proper care of a lot of clothes. Therefore, read the following lines to learn how to do laundry when you have a large family to be more efficient when you do this chore.

Use the Kenmore Elite 41073 washing machine

A modern and impressive washing machine that is ideal for large families is the Kenmore Elite 41073. You can purchase it if you pay $1750. It has an impressive 5.2 cubic feet capacity that makes it one of the best options for those who have a lot of laundry to handle at once. It’s easy to use due to its intuitive control panel. The multiple wash cycles that the machine offers will definitely suit all your needs. In addition, if you use the Sanitize cycle of this washing machine it will raise the temperature quickly to clean up to 99,9% of the bacteria lurking on your laundry without using harsh chemicals to do it.

Dry your clothes with the Electrolux Wave-Touch EWFLS70JIW dryer

Air drying the clothes for a large family is the worst thing you could do. It would take you an enormous amount of time, and the clothes would eventually wear off due to the exposure to the sun as well. Therefore, instead of air drying your clothes, use the Electrolux Wave-Touch EWFLS70JIW dryer for this task. To purchase the unit, you will have to spend $1150. It has a generous 8.0 cubic feet capacity that is more than enough to handle the load of clothes of a large family. It’s extremely quiet while operating. The interior lighting makes it easy to load and unload the machine. It offers a total of 8 specialty cycles that you can choose from. Also, you have 15 dryer cycles that you can choose from that include the useful Fast Dry cycle. This cycle takes less than 14 minutes to dry the clothes. Therefore, it’s perfect to use when you’re in a hurry. Also, it offers 6 timed dry selections and 7 temperature selections as well.

Get the wrinkles out fast with the Rowenta IS6300 clothes steamer

After the clothes are washed and dried, it’s time do remove the wrinkles off of them. For you to make sure that you won’t burn or damage the clothes when you de-wrinkle them, use a quality steamer. We read some reviews and clothing steamer comparisons and we came to the conclusion that the Rowenta IS6300 clothes steamer is the best choice. This unit will cost you only $200. It has an impressive 81-ounce removable water tank that will provide you with an hour of continuous steam. This is a large amount of time in which you can even finish with all of the laundry. It’s easy and convenient to use.

When checking out various clothing steamer comparisons, we noticed that most units were rather uncomfortable to use. This isn’t the case of this Rowenta steamer. The Roll and Press vertical support offers you a flat surface against which you can press the garments when you de-wrinkle them. This support frees one hand for comfort and freedom of movement. Also, in addition to de-wrinkling the clothes, the Rowenta IS6300 clothes steamer will sanitize them and get the unpleasant odors out as well.