How to improve the efficiency of your fireplace

How to improve the efficiency of your fireplace

The fireplace is the favourite place from the house of all those who live there and it is perfectly understandable why. Everybody loves the noise of the burning wood, the subtle smell of smoke and the comfortable heat that comes from there. However, when it is not properly maintained, your beloved fireplace can become not only inefficient, but also potentially dangerous. This is how you can increase its efficiency:


Regular annual maintenance repairs

Annual inspections by specialists who offer Ottawa fireplace repairs are necessary. There are so many incidents of home fires that happened because the fireplaces had not been properly maintained, that you should definitely not overlook this important annual step. During a basic inspection the fireplace and chimney will be inspected without the use of special equipment. Basically, the specialist will come to your home and look through your fireplace using a flashlight and determine if it needs to be cleaned. If so, he will use his equipment to perform the task immediately, so you will not have to reschedule this for another time.


Only burn dry wood

To enjoy a nice fire, without having to add wood too often, you should use hardwoods such as white oak, sugar maple, hickory and beech. Of course, the most important aspect for a great fire is to have perfectly dried wood and this can only be obtained if the wood wits from 8 to 12 months. In addition, you should try using clean wood and not construction scraps, lumber or painted wood, because it will release chemicals into your home and you really do not want this to happen.


Fix or replace the damper is it does not seal properly

A poorly sealed damper will determine your warm indoor air to go outside and thus you will lose all that money you spent to make it warm in the first place. In addition, you should also install a chimney cap, as it will prevent snow and rain from falling on your fire and it will minimise the downdrafts. These caps are designed to let the smoke out, so you can rest assured that they will not affect the quality of your indoor air.


You annual fireplace maintenance will not take a very long time, especially if you hire a specialist to do the job. There are many masonry companies available on the market that will offer excellent services at very good rates.