How to select healthy food for a pet

How to select healthy food for a pet

Every pet has different nutritional requirements that needs to be met.  Pet owners  should be careful about food pet products that claim  it contains only natural ingredients; look carefully at the label and ingredients and see  if these are healthy for their pet. People should not buy only natural and veggie based foods for their pets, because they are not necessarily better for their little bundles of joy. They should purchase pet food from trustworthy providers like, because they have be sure that the products they are purchasing are only quality ones. Here are some tips that should help people decide easier what type of food is healthy for their pets.

Buying species-appropriate food

Pet owners should know that what is healthy for them is not necessarily good for their pets. They have to understand that the needs of an animal are different from those of humans. If people are healthy if they eat low fat, whole grain products, pets have different and special nutritional needs. Dogs and cats food should  contains high levels of high-quality protein, like muscle meat, high levels of DHA/EPA, moderate levels of animal fat and high moisture content. In addition, they can include in their pets’ diet some fresh cut vegetables and small amounts of fruit. Grains and potatoes should be excluded.


What to look for when buying dry pet food

People should look for some essential aspects when they buy food for their pets, because they influence the health of their little ones. They have to understand that dogs and cats are carnivores and they need a diet based on meat. They should not add in their diet grains because they do not need carbohydrates. They should buy products that have the meat identified by species, and avoid the ones that contain non-specified types of meat. In addition, pet food should contain vegetables, but they should avoid the products that contain wheat or corn. The key is to choose the ones that have grain-free formulas. It is advisable to also buy food that contains whole fruits. An important aspect is that pet owers should avoid products that contain artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, and preservatives. They have to leave on the shelf everything that contains carcinogens. It is recommended to buy products preserved with vitamins C and E.

Considering the pet’s unique needs

Every pet has specific needs according to its breed, age, health status and activity level. These aspects have to be taken into consideration when choosing a type of diet and consider if the pet has any food allergies, or any illnesses. If they have, then a veterinary should see them and give a prescription food that eliminates some ingredients from their diet. Check with their veterinarians to see what type of diet the pet needs.