How to transform your house into a fresh space

How to transform your house into a fresh space

Taking into consideration that spring is right around the corner and nature will come to life, it is time you also brought a fresh touch to your home. A warmer season means the possibility to make some changes around the house and use inspirational elements from the outdoors. Once the sun is up and the air gets warmer, natural lighting and all the fragrances of blooming flowers should be reason enough for you to begin a transformation process for your interiors. Of course, you need to start with a major clean-up (physically, visually and also emotionally) and then add a touch of freshness to your home, inspired by warm temperatures and vibrant nature. Here what you should do:

Add a splash of colour

If you want to refresh your home, then the easiest method is by changing the colour palette. This is not only something easy to do, but also quite efficient and economic. You can either use your favourite shades or look up to find out which are the most fashionable ones at the moment. Once you decide, start working. It will not be difficult to incorporate some colour into your home – all you need to do is paint, buy new accessories and change some pieces of furniture. For the best and most immediate results, paint the walls: soft turquoise, pink or yellow are the perfect choices for a spring inspired space. These are versatile and will give energy to the room, invigorating the space as well as your state of mind.

Change some important accessories

Whether you are thinking about your office chair or the cushions on the living room sofa – change them! Buy a new Sean Dix chair, simple yet stylish and beautiful, which will change the entire aspect of your working area. As far as the cushions and small accessories are concerned, make a statement with bold colours and shiny textures. Simple updates such as a new curtain, a majestic artwork or a large lamp can make a huge difference and spare you the effort of other major changes. For a higher impact, try to create contrasts as much as possible.

Fill the air with fresh odours

Natural fragrances you sense as soon as you step out the door should inspire you. Let your imagination fly and allow your house to be associated with sweet floral scents. To begin with, you should add a large vase in the middle of the living room and fill it with a colourful bouquet of seasonal flowers: sweet peas, lily of the valley, tulips or lilies. For a greater effect, you should also introduce some scented candles – these look effortless and smell extraordinary!