Is It Safe Walking And Running With Ankle Weights

Is It Safe Walking And Running With Ankle Weights

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercising that anyone can do while running is probably the most common workout of people of all ages. While not incredibly difficult and with a somehow mild impact on your bones and muscles, these two activities can be intensified with the use of ankle weights. As revealed in ankle weight reviews, they increase the pressure put on your legs so that more muscles will be engaged in the movement and you will obtain a better result in working your legs. To answer the question whether or not it’s safe to walk around or jog wearing ankle weights, we have analyzed some of their important aspects.


Nonetheless, wearing legs weights can bring a series of benefits that can hardly be achieved through other means. The way they act is simple and is based on the added weight brought into your exercises. The more weight your legs have to carry, aside from your body weight, the more muscles are involved and you will get a more intense workout. Walking and running with the added weight will result in a more intense exercise and more muscle mass gained at the end of a few workout sessions. From the list of advantages of this exercising tip, we mention:

  • Forcing your legs muscles to work harder
  • Improving your cardiovascular circulation
  • Boosting your endurance
  • Making your workouts more intense by adding more resistance
  • Burning more calories


The added resistance provided by legs weights can also have some repercussions on your health due to the extended effort. If you are not used to them, the weights can seem very difficult to carry and you could experience pain and discomfort in the first place. Walking and running are workouts on their own and increasing their difficulty can sometimes mean discouraging you to continue because the effort is too high. The most damage is done to the bones and joints that need to handle the added resistance and carry more weight than usual. You need to be aware of the risks before purchasing a pair of ankle weights:

  • Unnecessary pressure on your bones and joints
  • Overburdening of your muscles
  • Worsening preexisting muscle problems
  • Increased risk of injuries, dislocations, and fractures of bones
  • Degradation of joints like knees, hips, and ankles
  • Cause health problems in weaker or heavier users

Safe Use

As you can see, there are several health risks that outnumber the benefits brought by wearing weights around your ankles when running or walking. Fortunately, you can avoid them by paying attention to your health condition and limiting the weight added during your exercises. As long as you use them wisely and you take care of your health, you should only get the best of your resistance training.

  • Consider your health condition

Your medical record is essential when making a decision regarding working out because suffering from a condition can influence your results. If you have any troubles with your muscular mass, if you have suffered bone fractures, if your joints are sensitive, or you are prone to luxation and dislocations, never wear weighted clothing without consulting with your doctor.

  • Add weights gradually

You should first start with small weights that will help you get used to carrying more pounds than usual. If you choose a maximum limit from the first day, you will feel pain and muscle soreness and you won’t be able to continue the next day. Start small and keep adding weight as you get used to the added pressure. However, it’s recommended not to exceed 3 pounds on each leg if you want to avoid further unpleasantness.

  • Don’t wear them for too long

Although many people promote wearing weighted clothing all day during regular activities like working or cleaning the house, you should not exaggerate and overexert your muscles. It’s safe to wear weights for a couple of hours every day, with breaks that will allow you to rest and recover after the increased stress on your muscles. Start with short intervals and gradually increase the time as you gather more strength.

  • Stop wearing them if it hurts

In case you experience pain and you feel that there is something wrong with your legs after wearing weights, you should interrupt training and allow your muscles to recover. If the pain continues days after, see an orthopedist to make sure you haven’t fractured a bone or dislocate a joint.