Is Stress Keeping You Awake at Night?

Is Stress Keeping You Awake at Night?

Are you aware of the negative factors affecting our sleep? The mere fact of getting up early or staying up late after a long day of work, is a source of stress for our body, which is not programmed for it. While we do not have the freedom to act on the causes of stress, at least we have the power to reduce its effects. The proposed solutions can be classified in three categories: individual techniques, stress management methods and preventive methods.

1. The individual techniques

Most people who want to reduce their stress use some of these techniques. Here is a brief list:
-Relaxation (yoga, massage, relaxation, hypnosis, transcendental meditation)
-Humor and entertainment
-Rationalization (to reason, evaluate the realism of fears, positive thinking)
-Food (avoid high-fat food)
-Physical exercise (especially aerobic)
In general, these techniques do little to resolve a stress problem because they mainly address the symptoms and not the causes of stress.
While a number of healthy habits can help you drift off to dreamland, for some, a good sleep can sometimes depend on the use of sleep pills. The best sleeping pills will give you a great nights rest with little or no side effects.
Alteril Sleep Aid, contains all the major sleep-inducing biologically active compounds. The main ingredient that helps promote sleep is supported by the supplement of melatonin, a hormone which regulates our internal body clock. Two important ingredients are L-theanine and L-typtophanm both containing amino-acids which induce sleep. Another natural ingredient is Valerian, a traditional calming plant.

2. Stress management

Stress management methods seek to go beyond the elimination of symptoms. Stress is an unavoidable fact with which we must learn to live with and must be kept within tolerable limits. Isolated techniques are used to maintain the stress intensity at a reasonable level. It particularly uses an objective review on the situation and information (rationalization) to assist the person to regain some control over the situation.
Stress management starts with :
-Determining the main sources of stress
-Accepting the things you’re not in control of
-Avoiding uneeded stress
-Managing your time

3. Preventive methods

Unlike the previous, this method is based on the desire to eliminate stress (rather than to live with). We seek to restore a healthy balance throughout our life. It stresses the need to change our lifestyle in order to adopt one that better matches what we can tolerate harmoniously. This is an opportunity to review the entire organization of your life so that it is sustainable in the long term.
-Identify the cause of stress
-Set limits
-Be active
-Be more optimistic

4. Medication

It is best if you try to eliminate the stress from your life rather than just deal with its symptoms. Nevertheless, if it has been more than a week since you enjoyed a peaceful night sleep, you might want to consider an insomnia treatment. The Alteril sleep aid is one of the best natural remedies for mild insomnia. Unlike sedatives, Alteril doesn’t cause addition or any side effects. Visit if you want to discover more about this natural remedy. However, remember that this is only a temporal solution and only by eliminating the stress from your life will you be able to benefit from the regenerative properties of the night sleep.