Kitchen Secrets to Becoming a Better Cook

Kitchen Secrets to Becoming a Better Cook

How many people do not dream to become a chef, and who doesn’t want to cook better, try new recipes and sophisticated dishes? Everybody wants to improve their skills when cooking, people read a lot of cookery books and let their imagination free in order to obtain the best results. Towards this, we came up with a list of tips that will make you a better cook.

Cook more frequently

It is known that the best chefs are the best because they spent their whole time in the kitchen and you can take their example and follow in their steps. Most of them have started their cooking career since they were in school and also most of them have grown up in families of cooks. This is very helpful because cooking the same dishes almost every day will help you become proficient. Repetition is the best way to learn the basic techniques, for instance, sharpening your knives, which by the way, represents an all-important feature because nothing is more disturbing in the kitchen than edgeless knives; so, invest in a good chef’s knife and trimming knife. Considering all these things, make yourself cook at least three or four times per week and you will see that your skills will improve remarkably.

Enjoy your dish

It is just a matter of choice, do what you like, what you consider tasty. When people finally decide to cook, they tend to choose the healthiest (the famous oil-free chicken breast) and most complicated recipes because they are on a diet or they want to eat healthier; like non-caloric foods, without fats. This is a mistake, especially when you are a beginner you should prepare delicious and eye-catching foods. For instance, chocolate cakes will never be out from this category. When you make the food that you love, there are no chances of failure; this is an advantage because you will amaze the tasters and that will make you cook again and again. The key is making something that you yourself want to eat.

Smart shopping is the way

Why do you think we call it “smart”? Isn’t it true that when we go shopping, we tend to buy all the unnecessary things? Firstly, it isn’t necessary to go shopping every day. The best thing is to be very organized when shopping for food and always have a plan of what you are going to cook, and then all you have to do is to write down all the needed ingredients. You can go to the market right at that moment if you have your list done. Focus on the most important sections such as meat section, fruits and vegetables, frozen products and bakery ones.

Flavors and spices – the key to success

Spices and herbs are essential for the foods’ flavor and they are healthy too. They let you play with the taste of food and they create aromatic, tasty dishes without adding the old-school salt and pepper. So, you can create a special shelf for dried herbs and spices but take into account that they lose vigor the longer they sit on the shelves. At this rate, just use them as soon as possible so they don’t lose their savor in time.

Invest in your food

As simple as that. Even though we are mostly reticent when it comes to expenses, if you really want to improve your cooking skills and to be a good cook you have to spend more because we all know that the best chefs use the best ingredients. You won’t believe it but sometimes shopping is more important than cooking. You should take into consideration buying more exquisite products, it’s all about passion. Others can spend a huge amount of money on computer items, so is it really hard to spend an extra 10$ for a qualitative olive oil, or a certain type of seasoning sauces? You will see that the difference will be major.

An important task: reading the recipe

Yes, it may sound silly, but it is very important to carefully read the recipe. Even though you will think that it is a loss of time, it surely isn’t. For sure success, follow the recipe and try to keep in mind the main idea. For instance, when the recipe says “3 onions, 5 tomatoes and a teaspoon of salt” that really means 3 onions, 5 tomatoes and a teaspoon of salt because if you pour too much salt in the dish, the food will obviously lose its taste. In some cases, those small differences might even affect the cooking style.

Cook like a master chef

If you have noticed the big chefs in restaurants, then you know their secret: all of their ingredients are prepared, organized and ready to go when they get an order. Chefs are very good coordinators, everything must be perfect, especially when coming to the ingredients. This is a great idea also for cooking at home. Our advice is to be an organized person, to pull out all the needed ingredients and then start the process of cooking. If you deal with the problem of space, it is good to transfer the ingredients into small bowls, that will be easier and practical. Another tip is to always use metal objects, they are very useful and inexpensive.