Mistakes people make when looking for a divorce attorney

Mistakes people make when looking for a divorce attorney

Finding the right divorce attorney is definitely a challenging and demanding task, especially when you have numerous other things to worry about. It is recommended to do detailed online research before resorting to the services of a specific lawyer, because you have to make sure you will benefit from the best results. The one you hire should guide you accordingly through every step of the Orange County divorce process and should represent you strongly in court. However, people are prone to make some serious mistakes when searching for a divorce attorney, so here are some of the most common examples.

Not hiring a reliable attorney

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to hiring a divorce attorney is not going for a reliable and trust-worthy one. The reason why this happens is because people do not do detailed research before and do not consult other people’s opinions regarding what attorney to hire, but they rather resort to the first one they find, which in most cases might not be the best choice. Select an attorney that has vast experience in the domain and that is professional and honest.

Hiring an attorney for his or her law firm’s advertising

When looking for a lawyer, you will definitely find numerous law firms on the internet, each having its own marketing campaign. You might be amazed by a law firm’s advertising method, but this does not mean that you have to hire an attorney from there just for this reason. Advertising can make nearly everyone look like an expert, which is why you should learn more about the attorney you are interested in hiring from their Avvo profile to make sure they are worth the money.

Hiring an attorney that promises to solve the case with mediation

It is true that many divorces can be settled in mediation as long as both parties agree on certain important aspects such as who gets the property or who gets the children, but it is important to remember that there are no two divorce cases alike. In case mediation is not successful, the divorce moves in court. If you find a lawyer that promises you from the very beginning they will settle the case with mediation, thus helping you reduce the costs, it is probably a good idea to look for another one, since this aspect cannot be entirely guaranteed. It might happen for one of the parties to encounter obstacles that might disrupt the divorce process, so mediation is definitely not something to rely on when getting a divorce.

Hiring an attorney that simultaneously works at several cases

Last but not least, many people hire an attorney that works at several divorce cases at the same time thinking that this is proof the attorney is a very good one and will provide them with the best results. Although the attorney might actually be a great one, if they have more than two divorce cases at the same time, they will not have enough time to properly handle your case and will not dedicate themselves entirely to it.