Outing ideas for a marvelous Cancun experience

Outing ideas for a marvelous Cancun experience

The beautiful Cancun is the main tourist attraction of the Yucatan Peninsula and this is testified by the presence of millions of tourists that keep coming back every year. The tourist resort is mostly famous for its white beaches and clear blue water, but not only. The main concern when arriving here is not if you have hat to do, but rather what not to miss out on. Apart from the magnificent scenery and rich nightlife, there are many Cancun excursions that you can go on owing to the fact that the city preserves the traces of ancient Mayan ruins. Read this guide to see which places you should definitely visit.

The cenotes

If you happen to have had enough of swimming and lying in the hot sun all day, then you can take a trip to the cenotes. This is a term that is used to refer to any location where you can find groundwater. It is also said that the Mayans used these underground locations in order to communicate with the gods. At present, they are natural swimming holes that are filled with the purest water that is filtered by the earth itself and have come to form a real underground system of caves. Tourists are given the opportunity of diving in the waters found in the cenotes. Another reason to swim in this water is that the water is good for the skin because it accommodates algae rich in mineral and vitamin.

Isla Cozumel

As compare to Cancun, Cozumel is much more peaceful and therefore is the perfect option when it comes to enjoying a little time for yourself and escaping the busy city life. For those passionate about history and culture the El Castillo Real awaits them. This is just one of the many archeological sites to be found on the island and is a good spot for hiking. In addition to this, you have the San Gervasio Temple. Another popular attraction is represented by the fact that you are able to go snorkeling. The turquoise colored water is so inviting that you cannot miss the chance of diving in the Caribbean Sea. Even though Cozumel is a good choice for snorkeling, the reefs can also be reached by way of boat.


Tulum is considered to be one of the best beaches in Mexico. Tulum also has an impressive archeological site. The tourist is introduced to the culture of the Mayan civilization and the tour guide will also allow you to explore some sites on your own. Not many are aware of the fact that Tulum actually means wall and it once served as a fortress for the Mayan Empire. One example of places that you can visit is the Tankah Park. After passing the jungle in order to get to the cenotes, you can bathe in the underground waters.  In addition to this, you can visit the Xel Ha aquarium that is the home of more than 90 species of fish, including turtles.