Pool equipment you definitely need

Pool equipment you definitely need

If you are lucky enough to own a large mansion and have your own swimming pool, then you will have a lot of fun, especially during summer. Although most people only see the fun part in having a pool, you need to know that as same as any other part of the house, it needs a lot of attention, maintenance and care, in order to stay in proper condition. Cleaning the swimming pool is not only a matter of aesthetics, but most importantly, a matter of health, which is why you should not neglect this process. Some people tend to put off this procedure, because it is too difficult and time consuming, but spending enjoyable time by the pool comes with some strings attached. Whether you own a traditional pool or hot tubs Richmond Hill, with the right knowledge and the best pieces of equipment, the job will be half done.

Why should you clean the pool?

Years ago, maintaining this part of the house was very tedious and people used rudimentary tools to take out the leaves or other floating items. Nobody was thinking about the bacteria and dirt that accumulates in the water, so people often suffered infections, allergies and other conditions. This was due to the fact that contaminated water was and still is, very dangerous for the health of those who swim or dive in it. Fortunately, things have changed a lot. There is a greater awareness about health issues, and most of the times, house owners do not install a swimming pool without thinking about maintenance, safety and sanity. Nowadays, the evolution of technology enables the use of performing cleaning tools and devices. Experts recommend you to take advantage of all these, in order to keep yourself and your family away from dangers and diseases.


Which are the most popular pool tools?

There are many ways through which you can clean the water and maintain the pool, and most of them can be found in dedicated stores. You will need to purchase these depending on many variables, which you need to discuss with the contractor that designs and builds your pool. Here are some of the most popular pieces of equipment:

  • Water testing tools: most of the times, the contamination of the water is analyzed with a strip. All you need to do is place the strip inside the pool, under the water level, and it will gradually get coloured to indicate a certain value. The strips can be digital or analog and are the most common testing method used.
  • Cleaning system: the ideal system has both a pump and a filter. This ensures the efficient circulation of the water, because the pump directs water into the filter, where filth is gathered, dissolved and eliminated. The size of the system varies and should be chosen in accordance with the water volume it has to clean.
  • Vacuum: these devices are not only for the interior of the house, but also for outside. There are special types of vacuums which have been designed to work under water and clean the floor of the pool. these can be either manual or automated.