Step by step guide to hot tub installation

Step by step guide to hot tub installation

Installing a hot tub at home is a great reason for excitements, but it can also become a hassle if not dome correctly. Taking into consideration that the process may take a while and involves many preparations, you need to collaborate with a dedicated company. Start looking for hot tubs for sale with some time in advance and hire a firm that is able to ensure flawless delivery and installation. You will need some planning before actually being able to enjoy your new acquisition, but rest assured everything will go just fine if you take one step at a time. Here is our brief guide:

Establish the main features of your tub

To begin with, you need to decide whether you want the construction to be done indoors or outdoors. Once you have this settled, you can go on and pick a size; according to the space you have available in your yard or bathroom. If you place the tub indoors, remember to measure the door openings and match the product’s length, width and depth to these – you do not want to end up with a tub too large to pass through the doors of the house. Weight is also extremely important, especially for safety reasons, because a weak base cannot support a heavy construction.

Solve legal issues

As with any annex construction you want to have on your property, you should get a permit to have the hot tub installed at home. Pools, conservatories or garden rooms all requite legal documentation and approval from competent authorities and the same happens with exterior tubs. In most counties and cities you also need permit for additional water supply systems and electrical circuits, quite necessary for a properly working tub, both indoors and outdoors. Check the local rules and regulations and solve any issue before you start installation.

Choosing the right location

When getting a hot tube, it is very important to pick the best spot for installing it. Choosing the location should not be neglected, because it can influence the performance and durability of your construction. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor spaces, try to base your placement decision on objective criteria. No matter what you choose, remember that the tub has to be set on a solid ground and uniform surface, not grass. This means that you need to plan an extremely strong foundation, which will be able to support the weight of a tub filled with water.

Collaborate with an experienced company

While you may not need to hire a plumber, because the tub system is self-contained, you must collaborate with a company that specialises in installation and electricity. These are operations that you must and cannot perform yourself, because you risk to get seriously injured. For this reason you have to search of an expert, allow them to do their job and wait until you can enjoy relaxing in your hot tub.