Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide for Water Illness Prevention

Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide for Water Illness Prevention

All pool owners know that having a swimming pool leads to two situations:

1. Being the coolest neighbor on the street – if you throw parties and invite your neighbors, that is.

2. Having to deal with great costs for building, and up-keeping it.

For a novice, it can be overwhelming to realize the importance of pool safety, water safety, maintenance, tool purchasing, and everything that comes with being a pool owner.

You may be thinking: “How do I check the filters? Where should I place my ladder? How do I know which is the best pressure side pool cleaner? Who do I invite to my party on Friday?”

But worry not, this article covers the bases you need to keep in mind to be known as Neighbor of the Year.

First off, what is Water Illness?

Water illness is a real and dangerous threat to the safety of each person who comes in contact with the pool water. Think of the water as a swift carrier of anything that touches or falls into it.

Say you have mud on you and you enter the pool. You will immediately see how fast the mud washes off you and dissipates, making it possible for anyone else to come in contact with the same mud.

This also goes for any bacteria or transmittable diseases that a person might carry, so if the pool water is not tended to, there are many risks of getting sick or catching an infection.

Other than human carriers, there are risks from animals, rodents, or birds getting in the water, debris falling from trees or being brought by winds, and also having a damaged pool can be a risk – because any cracks in the tiles or concrete are breeding grounds for slimy mold and algae.

How Often to Clean?

As a rule of thumb, once a week is the way to go when scheduling your pool cleaning. Whether you hire someone or decide to tackle this responsibility yourself, thanks to people who like to make other people’s lives easier, there are plenty of tools available to help you.

Do make sure you clear most of your schedule the day of cleaning, to be certain you can inspect every crevice that could ruin your journey to being the most liked person on your street.

How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

The steps to an inviting looking pool are as follow:

  • Skimming – every leaf, dirt, insect, feather is gone and nothing has time to reach the bottom. This is a step that could be done daily to avoid any heavy buildup.
  • Brushing – water is known for causing sediment to build on the walls of anything that holds it, therefore brushing said sediment off is a must. And don’t forget the ladder or any entertaining fixtures your pool might have.
  • Checking the Filters and Pumps – these could get clogged and become inefficient at their job, so you should check for any dirt or residue that needs to be sorted.
  • Vacuuming – all the dirt collected in one spot from the previous steps now says goodbye and gets into your pool vacuum. Check again for any missed spots.And last, but not least,
  • Test the Waters – since you now have a pristine pool, do check for the chemical levels in the water and add anything it might need.

Tools that will become your Best Friend

Going off our last paragraph, these are the tools that will help lessen your effort and prevent sore muscles:


  • Pool Covers – this can deal with most of the skimming work in one go.
  • Leaf Rakes
  • Skimming Baskets/Surface Skimmers
  • Baracuda Cleaner
  • Automatic Skimmers 


  • 18-Inch Wall Brush
  • Telescopic Wands
  • Rotating Brush Cleaner
  • Stain Treatment 


  • Pool Vacuum
  • Robot Vacuum


Water Testing:

  • Water Testing Strips
  • Digital Water Testing Kit
  • Chlorine
  • Shock treatments
  • Increasers or decreasers (pH, alkalinity, calcium)
  • Algaecide

The common denominator here is, the pool cleaning can be 100% automatic unless you need to deal with any cracks in the structure.

In Conclusion

With great pools come great responsibilities, so if you are considering making this commitment, we believe we covered everything you need to check off your list of priorities when shopping for pool maintenance equipment.

Keep up the good work weekly and you’ll get the Neighbor of the Year award in no time.