Tap Water Chlorination Health Effects – How In-Home Hydration Has Decayed

Tap Water Chlorination Health Effects – How In-Home Hydration Has Decayed

There are many studies created on this subject yet not enough to make us realize that the water from our taps is harmful to us if we do not have water filters installed. The study conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council claims that around half of the population around the world get unsafe water, particularly due to water chlorination. This inevitably leads to people becoming seriously ill from dirty water. In fact, the U.S Health Officials has estimated that a large amount of people each year get a disease from the toxins that are found in tap water.


The chlorine in water increases the risk of cancer cells developing in your body. According to Dr. Joseph M. Price “Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer in our times” this is because chlorine the toxin reacts with the other organic matter and cause a carcinogenic cell called Trihalomethanes. In other words, it could be described as poison to our bodies. Furthermore, in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers have noted that by drinking a high amount of chlorine water, people will have a higher risk of developing bladder cancer. The study claims that around 9% of patients with bladder cancer and 18% of people with rectal cancer are associated with the consumption of by-products which are high in chlorine.

Liver diseases

The main job of our liver is to flash out the toxins from our body. The organ helps to detoxify our body from things such as bacteria, microorganisms from dirty tap water and excess chlorine. Inevitably, if you expose your body to a large quantity of chlorine water in time you could damage the liver and its functionality. This is because, with the increased toxins in your liver, your organ will not be able to make as much liver cells to neutralize the bacteria as it should. This can end up in what is called, acute liver failure. It is known that chlorine is the most common chemical we find in our household today, thus it is important that you start your research on how to filter your water.


Drinking water that has a high chlorine percentage, could also lead to lung issues for adults. If your child is exposed to the dangers of chlorine, it could potentially trigger asthma and in turn, it could lead to asthma attacks. Inhaling the vapors of chlorine water can be strong irritants to our lungs and bronchial passage. This is because, the microorganisms in the dirty water will in time, destroy the cells which surround the lungs. Additionally, you don’t have to drink it in order to be exposed to the toxins. Most of our exposure comes from skin absorption and inhaling the steam from the shower. It is known that a hot shower opens up the pores which allow the chlorinated water to enter our body. What is worthy to note is that water from a shower can contain up to 50 times more harmful chemicals than tap water. This is because when vaporized, the microorganisms develop much faster. Also, inhaling chlorine whilst you are showering is in fact, much more dangerous than drinking it. This is because the inhaled chlorinated water goes directly into your bloodstream.


The Federal Environmental Protection Agency have created a study on chlorinated tap water, the research has concluded that “Chlorine is currently the greatest threat and killer of the 21st century”. When you go the pool, you will notice that you will have to shower to wash away the excess chlorine water. This is advisable to do because the toxins can damage skin cells and contribute to fast aging. Chlorine removes the moisture and the elasticity from our skin and cells, leaving us with dry skin and damp hair that is begging for some fresh or filtered water.

In-home hydration has decreased because more and more people have discovered the dangers of dirty tap water or have suffered the consequences of it. People are either buying bottled water or installing water filters. We do not recommend the frequent purchase of shop bought water because of the toxins that you can find in plastic. There’s no hiding the fact that the toxins are absorbed by the water in the bottles which can eventually lead to cancer. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in a water filter, as it will purify the water for you and it’s cost friendly.