The dangers of a faulty boiler

The dangers of a faulty boiler

Few people are aware of the fact that boilers can pose a serious danger, if not installed properly and inspected regularly. Heating systems that run on fossil fuels or on wood always represent a risk, because of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, so homeowners should get their boilers serviced on a regular basis to ensure it is not faulty. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer, because intoxication is deadly, but there are no signs that could alert you of its presence except for the regular headache and fatigue. The killer gas has no colour or smell; so many lives are claimed annually, because of faulty heating systems that allowed carbon monoxide inside of the house without anyone noticing. This is why it is important to hire professional boiler installations London services and check your system regularly.


Carbon monoxide poisoning

One death each week only in the UK is caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas is difficult to detect, but not impossible. Homeowners can take measures against this situation by hiring boiler installations London that also include the installation of a safety system. If the boiler does not work properly and there is a danger of explosion, an automatic system will cut the administration of the fuel. This type of sensor can be used to alarm anyone in the house of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when the levels are above the norm. Homeowners are urged to install this type of alarms inside their house to protect themselves and their families against this type of danger. Faulty boilers pose serious threats, so you should never skip regular checks.


Signs that your boiler is faulty


If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm, there are still certain signals that can help you discover a faulty boiler and uncover high levels of carbon monoxide inside the house. For instance, flames will burn orange and yellow, fires that burn slowly to the point that they go out, difficulty in lighting a fire are signs that should alarm you. If you notice any one of these signals, you should immediately open the windows and call a specialist. Ventilation is essential in this case. However, your boiler can work just fine and the carbon monoxide poisoning can still occur because of something blocking your chimney. It is always preferable to install carbon monoxide detectors to eliminate all risk.