Types of Rangefinders – Army, Hunting, Golf

Types of Rangefinders – Army, Hunting, Golf

In simple terms, a rangefinder is a device that determines the distance to a specific target. Such a device has many applications, being a real helper when you what to improve your golf skills, hunting abilities, or when you need to measure the distance in order to enable a projectile release. The fact that you can use the rangefinder for various purposes simply confirms its practicability and efficiency. Even though you’ve probably heard more about the rangefinders that are used to enhance the game on the golf course, the device is also employed in other activities, but in different ways. To help you better understand more about the most important applications of rangefinders, read the lines below.

Golf Rangefinders

Using a golf rangefinder on the course will help the user measure the yardage of a particular target, offering precise measurements every time necessary. There are two types of such devices, namely GPS and laser. The first type requires the user to download the golf course map in order to achieve the distances. Many of the GPS rangefinders come with various maps included and usually have a limited capacity. The second type of golf rangefinder uses a laser technology that enables the players to measure the distance to a specific target. In order to get the distance to the flag, the user has to push a button and the results will be provided on the display. The laser devices come with many features and are very accurate, like the models reviewed on the golfrangefinder.best, some of them being considered the best options at this moment. Nevertheless, the laser rangefinders, in comparison to the GPS ones, usually require more time to show the results.

Ballistics Rangefinders

Another employment of this technology is for the firearms, helping pursue different objectives over long distances. In this case, the rangefinder is incorporated together with the firearm and the most commonly used technology is the laser one. Once a target is detected, an incandescent dot is displayed, the device having a maximum distance range of up to 1500 yards. In the past, when the technology was less evolved, the army only used heavy optical devices for measuring the distance to enable the projectile release and they had a baseline with plenty of meters. Nowadays, the firearms which use this technology are more advanced and accurate, which is a great advantage.

Forestry Rangefinders

Another type of rangefinders is the one that is meant for surveying in forestry. These devices come with different features and are very helpful when it comes to determining various distances. Among the most common settings and features of such devices are the anti-leaf filters, the ability to determine the height of trees, the volume, as well as finding the distance from a fixed area to another. In what concerns the weight of the forestry rangefinders, they can be found in both light and heavy versions, having the possibility to choose from various models.

Hunting Rangefinders

Hunting is a great sport and the players have to be equipped with the latest technology when they are in the middle of wild territories. Since there are various types of hunting, each of them requires special features and for this reason, you will find rangefinders that are made for rifle hunting, bow hunting, or even target shooting. The rangefinders for rifle hunting feature a longer distance range and usually a 7x-8x magnification to help the user achieve the best results. Due to the fact that it all happens through the lentils, the rangefinder has to be of great quality. In what concerns the bow hunting rangefinders, they feature an angle compensation, being compact and lightweight. In this way, the user will be able to store them with ease and focus on the target. For those who participate in shooting competitions, there are also some rangefinders that come with very helpful features that are meant to improve their skills.

Rangefinder Cameras

Lately, more and more photographers and not only, opt for a rangefinder camera because it comes with great advantages. It allows the user to find the distance to the object being shot for a precise focus, being a great tool to improve the quality of the photos taken. Therefore, it’s a real helper for all those who want to provide their customers better photos and achieve great results by means of technology.