What makes the best military mortgage broker?

What makes the best military mortgage broker?

Having a family member in the military is hard enough as it is, without the stress and hassle of relocation to be added. Unfortunately, however, most military families do have to face this inconvenience quite often, which is why there is a special sector for mortgages designed especially for military and DND personnel. When you research the matter, the first thing that strikes you is how everybody underlines the importance of the broker you work with and just how crucial it is to find the best military mortgage broker in your area or even in the country. All the articles, all the testimonials, they all go on and on about this crucial factor. But the question is, what makes the best mortgage broker best?

  1. Specialty


Well, to begin with, if you want to work with the best military mortgage broker in Canada, then you better separate the wheat from the chaff, meaning you should only look into brokers who have specialised in government relocation. This is because there are several programs and initiatives in place designed particularly to help military personnel get mortgage loans more easily and also benefit from more flexible conditions, given their situation. Only specialised brokers will be on top of these programs and able to provide you with the best knowledge about them.


  1. Experience


The longer has a broker been operating within the field of government relocation, the more relations and contacts he or she has made. This translates into a wider web of lenders and financial institutions that can be approach for a loan. Basic math says the more options, the higher the chances of finding just what you need, so the best military mortgage broker is the one that lays multiple options in front of you. A broker with vast experience will also be able to make this process as easy and hassle free as possible for you, not to mention speed it up, as experienced brokers know all the ins and outs of the trade and how to get around.


  1. Dedication


You want a broker in your corner. You want a broker that always has time for your calls, always gets back to you as soon as possible and that’s never to busy or too much in a hurry to explain to you’re the steps and stages of the process you’re going through. This is called dedication. A dedicated broker will go the extra mile to obtain the best possible deal for you, will negotiate fearlessly and will make sure you know every step of the way what’s going on as to make this as smooth as it can be.