What You Should Choose an Upright or Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

What You Should Choose an Upright or Canister Vacuum Cleaner?

Keeping the house clean is a necessity for your health and well-being as well as for the overall appearance and ambiance of the environment you live in. Cleaning the house involves many different tasks, but the one that needs to be done most often and with a lot of attention is vacuuming the floors and carpets. These surfaces get dirty the quickest, depending on their type they can be rather difficult to vacuum, and you have the most interaction with them, so they must be kept clean at all times.

For this chore, you need to use a vacuum cleaner, but with so many different types of vacuums existent on the market, it’s difficult to make a choice. In this article, we will take a closer look at two of the most popular types of vacuums, more precisely upright and canister vacuum cleaners, comparing them in order to understand what type is superior and why.

Design Comparison

Whether corded or cordless, upright vacuum cleaners still boast one of the most interesting designs out there as these appliances are basically all-in-one units. The components, more precisely the filter, the dust bags, the motor, and the power head are connected to the upright machine body. This compact design makes the upright models ideal for those who don’t have a large storage space available.

Although canister vacuums can’t be considered as being too bulky as their design is compact when compared to bigger household appliances, they are indeed more problematic than upright models when it comes to ease of finding a storage space. The design particularity of canister units is the fact that the cleaning apparatus and the body of the cleaner are separated, the body featuring wheels and being attached to the power head and the vacuum wand with a flexible plastic hose.

Portability and Maneuverability Comparison

There is more effort asked on your part when it comes to the portability aspect of using an upright model. If you have back pains, it’s not the right type for you at all as having to carry the vacuum will produce discomfort, especially if the model that you’re using is on the heavy side. But as long as you don’t have health issues of this kind and you find a vacuum that doesn’t weigh too much, portability and convenience in use are guaranteed.

Canister models are highly portable, being more convenient to use when vacuuming the floors and carpets as all you have to do is to drag them around on the surfaces. Their design makes them very flexible from this point of view, being perfect for cleaning corners and under the furniture with ease. Also, the only time when you actually have to pick these vacuums up is when you’re switching floors or you want to store them, so if you have back pains, you will be spared of a lot of effort.

Cleaning Quality Comparison

Although the cleaning performance of the upright vacuum depends on the features and specs that it comes with, what is for sure is the fact that these household appliances deliver a superior performance when it comes to cleaning carpets. For a dependable operation and great suction power, you should go for one of the higher-end models that usually come at more expensive prices.

Just as with upright models, the performance and cleaning quality of canister vacuums differs from one unit to another. Usually, higher priced vacuum cleaners are the ones that deliver a superior cleaning quality, so you shouldn’t cheap out if you’re expecting perfection. Unfortunately, when compared to upright models, canister cleaners generally don’t deliver the best suction on carpets.

Performance On Floors and Carpets Comparison

Bare floors aren’t easy to vacuum, but carpets are truly difficult. The texture of carpets makes dirt and bacteria hard to pick up and remove, so it’s important to use a vacuum that delivers sufficient suction power to handle this pretentious surface. Upright models generally deliver a superior performance when vacuuming carpets, but they don’t do as great of a job when cleaning bare floors, such as hard wood, vinyl linoleum, and so on. On the other hand, canister models might not generally do as good of a job when it comes to vacuuming carpets, but they are superior when it comes to vacuuming bare floors of all kinds.

Noise Comparison

The amount of noise produced by the appliance is another important element as many people need to use a quiet vacuum because they have babies or small children, or because their neighbors aren’t the most accepting and understanding people out there, complaining about the smallest noise they hear. Also, staying in a noisy environment directly harms your hearing and health, so you have to take this aspect into consideration as well. When it comes to the noise level produced while operating, canister vacuums are the winners as they generally provide a more silent operation when compared to upright vacuums. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all models, existing upright models that are quite discrete when they operate, but they’re usually still louder than canister cleaners.

Price Comparison

When it comes to the price tag of canister and upright vacuums, the differences are small and don’t really affect the final decision. Generally, upright models can range in price from $50 to $1100, while canister vacuums can cost anywhere from $50 to $1300. As you can see, they are quite similar from this point of view, the most expensive canister model not differing too much in pricing from the most expensive upright unit.

Upright vs Canister – What Type Is Better and Why?

What we can’t deny is the fact that canister and upright vacuums both offer a great overall performance when it comes to cleaning carpets and bare floors of all kinds. There are differences between these household appliances however, differences that we have already talked about, in some cases canister models being superior and in other cases upright models proving to be the better performing ones. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of these two types of vacuum cleaners:

Comparison Point Upright Vacuum Cleaner Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Storage Slim profile – easy to store Bulkier design – more difficult to store
Portability Has to be carried – can cause back problems Has to be dragged – more convenient and portable
Carpet Vacuuming Superior suction when handling carpets Decent performance
Bare Floor Vacuuming Decent performance Superior suction when handling bare floors
Noise Level Generally noisy operation Quiet and discrete when operating

As you can see, there’s no actual way to say that a certain type is clearly better as this depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you have a lot of carpets, it’s clear that the better choice for you is the upright type. On the other hand, if there aren’t a lot of carpets in your home or if you suffer from back pains, you should invest in a canister type.