Why You Should Use Auto Washing Soap Instead of Dish Washing Liquid

Why You Should Use Auto Washing Soap Instead of Dish Washing Liquid

When it comes to removing the dirt and mud from the car, you may not always have money to take your car to a specialized car wash. However, cleaning the car is essential if you want to keep it as new for as much possible. The less expensive alternative is to wash the car by yourself, using soap and water. Unfortunately, there are many people who use dish washing liquid to clean their car, but this is a bad habit that can lead to damaging the automobile. While it’s true that the dish soap is less expensive than the car wash soap, constantly using it to remove the dirt and builds up of the car can have some pretty bad effects. This means that you will eventually get to pay more money on pricey car paint jobs. Therefore, specialists recommend using an auto washing soap which that is specially made to clean cars because it does a much better job when it comes to both washing and protecting your vehicle. Here is why you should use a car wash soap.

It’s a Much Safer Washing Method

To begin with, using a car wash soap is a much safer alternative if you want to avoid damaging the paint. Unfortunately, if you use dish soap, you will only manage to destroy the paint, thus doing more harm than good. For this reason, it’s recommended to avoid using all sorts of household cleaning agents because they can be dangerous for your car.

It Contains Special Formula

The available auto washing soaps are made by using special ingredients that are meant to protect the car’s paint for many years. The car soap contains more lubricant, which is much better in comparison to the common dish soap that is more abrasive. This translates to paint oxidation, which will make the car look quite unaesthetically. For this reason, this type of soap, as well as many other similar products, are not the best choice to wash the car.

It’s More Efficient for Your Car

The main purpose of a soap that was specially made for cleaning automobiles is to efficiently remove dirt, grease, bird droppings, tar, and so on, Therefore, without too much effort on your part, you will be able to wash the car more efficiently as you would do if you were using dish soap. After all, you just need a soap that delivers performance every time necessary, so you can confidently opt for a special product that will successfully eliminate even the most stubborn dirt.

It Makes Your Car Shine

Another great advantage of using an auto washing soap is the fact that it makes your car shine without having to use wax. The main reason for this is because the ingredients used in making the soap are capable of improving your car’s appearance. At the same time, it will help restore the color just by applying it to the car exterior and rinsing it with water. Quite simple, right?

It Smells Great

Unlike the dish wash soap, the car sop smells much better, while being totally safe for you to use it. A car that looks shiny and smells great is definitely a well taken care of car, and this without having to do anything in particular. You just need water, car soap, and a sponge, and your car’s finish will look very stylish.

It Rinses Off Very Fast

In comparison to the dish washing liquid, the car sop rinses of much quicker. This is a great benefit, as you will save more time for yourself, but also more water, thus reducing water consumption. Therefore, whenever you want to wash your car, you can do this with no hassle because the entire washing operation is quite simple and fast.

Bottom line, an auto washing soap is definitely a better alternative to clean your car, providing excellent results with minimum effort on your part. Once you’ll understand the negative effects of using a dish soap, you will only have to look for the best-rated auto washing soaps available on the market. Remember that a special soap for car wash will not only make your car shine but also will make it last longer. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a soap for your car, always go with a car wash soap.

Our Verdict

Although many people may not know it, using a dish washing liquid is very dangerous for your car’s paint. Instead, an auto washing soap is a much better choice due to the fact that it contains special ingredients that protect your car and remove the dirt much easier. Keep reading if you want to know why you should start using a car wash soap.